CME Bitcoin Position Weekly Report: The willingness to adjust positions continues to decline, and both long and short positions move simultaneously

On October 19th, the CFTC announced the latest issue of the CME Bitcoin Futures Weekly (October 9-October 15). The actual displacement of prices in this statistical interval is limited, and the willingness of market participants to adjust positions is still low. The change in the total number of positions (total open positions) is still very limited. The latest data has rebounded slightly from 3,335 to 3,444, and the number of changes is very limited. Larger broker positions continued to pick up, long positions rose from 140 to 210, while short positions rose further from 138 to 149. The simultaneous growth of long and short positions showed the expiration of the quarterly contract at the end of last month. The rate of lightening has been basically filled, and brokers are still relatively optimistic about the future of Bitcoin.