Analysis shows: ransomware attacks or pushed up Bitcoin prices

According to Medium@Chris Stokel-Walker, Internet security company Emisoft issued a document stating that 98% of all ransomware payments were done in Bitcoin in the first three months of this year, and that ransomware attacks pushed up the price of Bitcoin. According to Emisoft's analysis, the victim chose to pay after the attack, which drove the demand for bitcoin, which pushed up the price and encouraged speculators to enter the market. Emisoft spokesperson Brett Callow said: "There seems to be a link between large ransomware incidents and bitcoin price increases." But cryptocurrency experts have also warned that association does not always mean causality. Marie Vasek, a lecturer in information security at University College London, said, “Every transaction affects the price of Bitcoin in different ways. Although the ransomware attack may have an impact on the price of Bitcoin, this is not the only reason. Because in many Bitcoin transactions are everywhere, and it’s hard to figure out what is driving the market."