Monitoring shows: PlusToken launches a large number of chain transactions again, transferring 20,000 ETH

According to LongHash news, in July of this year, the currency circle project PlusToken ran. At the time, although PlusToken could not be withdrawn, there was still a large amount of digital currency in the chain address that had not been transferred. Among them, there are about 789,000 and 20,000 ETHs on the Ethereum network. However, after three months of silence, PlusToken's ETH address has moved. The address of this transaction is 0xef13a2c29f7a433aff08c60007bc276a64c7bdf5, the 20,000 ETHs are all transferred out, PlusToken initiated a total of 7722 transfer transactions involving 4,592 addresses. After analyzing all the addresses, they were not found to be associated with the transaction. Therefore, these 20,000 ETHs have not yet been cashed out. This is not the first large-scale transfer of funds from PlusToken. Previously, the PlusToken BTC address also appeared similar to large-scale transfers. They launched a huge amount of chain transactions to split more than 20,000 BTCs into small amounts, trying to bypass the tracking, and finally some BTCs have successfully cashed out. At present, bitcoin and Ethereum networks are already quite congested, and such a large number of meaningless transfers are also a waste of resources. This transfer of ETH is only a small part of the PlusToken ETH holdings, and there are still nearly 790,000 ETHs in the PlusToken address that have not been transferred.