Bithumb Global Station CMO Sunny: BG Staging is different from IEO, users will eventually get a profit

Bithumb Global Station CMO Sunny is the guest node (ChainNode) for AMA this afternoon. In response to the question from the netizen, "Why do you think IEO is cool? What optimizations have been made to the new gameplay of BG Staging?" Sunny said, "IEO needs users to hold platform coins to participate. When the IEO currency goes online, the increase is limited and There may be losses during the period of platform currency. In general, there may be no gains or even losses.
Different from IEO, BG Staging only needs users to hold a certain amount of mainstream digital assets on the platform to exchange lottery opportunities. The whole process does not consume mainstream currency, which is equivalent to freely launching high-quality asset tokens for platform users. Therefore, users will eventually get a profit, but the problem is more or less. ”
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