AIMS project party canceled the currency plan due to suspicion of exaggerating publicity

Today, a project called AIMS has spread a large number of videos about the upcoming exchanges in the community, and said in the video, "This time, Stud, won the club's tender model." "We only pull the disk and do not work." Inductive content such as the next 10 times coin. The upcoming exchange of the project will be announced at the opening of the project, "Cancel AIMS online." According to the announcement of the exchange, "Because of the exaggerated publicity of the AIMS project party, in order to better protect the rights of users, the platform decided to cancel the qualification of AIMS. The AIMS withdrawal function has been opened, and the AIMS holders can withdraw the funds themselves. The exchange prohibits the project from exaggerating publicity. In the memory, the book is endorsed by the exchange, misleading investment users." (block rhythm)