Cheng Xiaoyong, Tsinghua University: Blockchain is a digital social governance system for AI intelligent new species

On October 21st, Cheng Xiaoyong, a part-time researcher at the Internet Industry Research Institute of Tsinghua University, published an article entitled "The Blockchain is a Digital Social Governance System for AI Intelligent New Species." The article points out that in the future, everything will be connected, and everything will have a brain. The final result of the fourth industrial revolution will be marked by the maturity of new intelligent machine species. Intelligent machine species will coexist with humans. The blockchain point-to-point technology protocol, smart contract, programmable digital currency technology, and the Internet of Things and 5G will enable intelligent machine species: equipment networking, data, data assetization, asset trading, and transactional financialization. Intelligent machine species will collaborate on data transactions through blockchains, MPC algorithm collaboration and digital currency incentives. Blockchain is a kind of distributed accounting technology based on code trust. The consensus mechanism generated by code trust brings a new monetary system and financial system. Obviously, this code-based trust system is not Prepared by humans composed of cells, but a new system of social management of intelligent machines, such as collaboration, distribution, and finance, prepared for new intelligent machine species that are also composed of code. This code-based trust builds a financial, economic, collaborative, and governance system that is prepared for the future of intelligent robots. It will develop in tandem with the existing financial, economic, and social governance systems of the human world.