Pick up IEO! Can Sthum's new gameplay at Bithumb Global Station create the next wave?

On the afternoon of October 21st, Bitumumb Global Station CMO Sunny was the guest node (ChainNode) for AMA – "Do not spend money, grab the first start? No need to subscribe to the BG Staging game to reveal the secret!", answer community users to BitHumb Global and BG Staging Various questions. (View AMA details )


Many exchanges around the world have already established international stations to carry out international business, such as fire coins, OKEx, etc. What is special about Bithumb Global? Why did you choose the model of setting up an international station? How is it achieved quickly and globally? From Sunny's answer, we can summarize the following points:

1. The main station + international station is mainly to solve the compliance problem, enabling Bithumb to enter the global market;

2. The international station inherits the excellent performance and liquidity of the Bithumb main station in Korea; it enhances the professionalism, ease of use and customer experience for the global market.

3. The international station develops innovative products; uses derivatives to increase market liquidity, and at the same time facilitates users to hedge market risks.

4. Improve product mechanisms to meet the different needs of users in different regions. Conduct compliance operations in various regions, apply for local licenses and set up banking channels.

5. Adhere to regional localization and compliance operations, and at the same time bring good product and transaction experience to users as much as possible.

Sunny also said that Bithumb, as a veteran exchange regulated by the Korean government, has a channel of credit as an endorsement of the Korean won, and plays an important role in global compliant digital currency trading/fair currency transactions. Bithumb Global is a global platform launched on the basis of Bitmumb. It is an important strategy for Bithumb to move from Korea to the world. In the future, it will open up the user system and transaction depth, and merge users and traffic.

What is the plan after Bithumb Global Station? Are there new products coming online? Sunny revealed that Bithumb Global is currently advancing deep cooperation in various regions of the world. In addition, the relevant derivatives are in the final testing phase and will be announced soon.

Of course, the most noteworthy is the innovative product BG Staging from Bithumb.

BG Staging will take the IEO, will it be the next boom?

Since ICO, the IEO model has been popular in the cryptocurrency market this year. This innovative gameplay is endorsed by the exchange and is considered to be more reliable than ICO. However, in recent months, IEO projects have dive after they went live, and now this model is increasingly difficult to make users profitable.

Bithumb Global recently launched an innovative product called BG Staging. It is understood that users can use the idle mainstream currency on the platform to carry out asset position certification, participate in platform lottery, send gift packages and other activities, gain rich income and realize asset appreciation.

On the surface, BG Staging has similarities with IEO. However, unlike traditional ICO, IEO and ILO, BG Staging has many differences and improvements:

1) All projects on the BG Staging area have undergone rigorous project review and selection and are the world's first projects.

2) Zero cost: Users do not need to pay for the cost, that is, no subscription is required.

3) Low threshold: No platform currency positions are required, and mainstream currencies can participate.

4) Safe and risk-free: Different from the traditional “ILO lock position”, BG Staging can enjoy the benefits as long as the asset position certificate is issued during the activity period, and will not cause the user to lose money due to asset fluctuation during the long lock period. Really zero risk.

What is the standard and online frequency of the BG Staging area? Sunny said in the introduction,

BG Staging arranges the time according to the number of projects. Currently, it can basically do the monthly. Bithumb Global's selection of the Staging project is also very comprehensive, how strong the project team is, how to build in the blockchain field, whether the team's main personnel have relevant experience, whether the technology is innovative, the community quality and activity are high enough, and the business model of the project is mature. Whether or not there is a possibility of landing is the main point of investigation.

Of course, the user is most concerned about the issue of income. What will happen to these projects after going online BG Staging? Sunny said that from the performance of the projects that have been on the line, the project performance is really good, bringing a lot of benefits to users, such as the highest effective increase of EON in the first phase of the project is 780%, the highest effective increase in the second phase of the FAB is 4642%. The third period of TUNE has the highest effective increase of 5126%.

How does Staging maintain high heat?

IEOs have had a very high return on investment, but not all investors are able to “eat crabs”. How about BG Staging? How many people are involved? According to Sunny, the number of fourth staging draws exceeded 32,000 (global users) and the number of draws exceeded 950,000. In theory, there will be cases where the lottery is not available. In addition, compared with other platforms, the Ieo has a higher threshold (requires platform currency). Staging does not require special preparation by users. The participation threshold is very low, as long as it is transferred to mainstream currency assets greater than 100 USDT during the activity time. Participated in the lucky draw.

BG staging is Bithumb Global's world premiere project feedback area, which strictly selects global quality projects, provides a chance to showcase its own quality projects, and provides users with a safe, stable and zero-cost asset value-added channel. The slogan of BG staging is “No”. Spend money and grab the starting lineup."

The high heat is because the platform users only need to hold a certain amount of mainstream digital assets on the platform to exchange the lottery opportunities. The whole process does not consume mainstream currency, which is equivalent to freely launching high-quality asset tokens for platform users. Therefore, users will eventually get a profit, but the problem is more or less.

Will Staging have the same regulatory risks as IEO?

IEO actually has some regulatory risks like ICO, and Staging? Sunny said that BG Staging is not a regulatory risk. The BG Staging project does not charge any investment or other expenses to the user. It is a lottery giving relationship.

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