Data show: BTC giant whale account frequently transferred this afternoon, a total of 14,974 BTC

According to CoinHolmes data, at 16:07 today, the 3Gh8vtXaPhfb46LaABbi1srME2vABzSG1j address monitored by CoinHolmes began to transfer BTC frequently. As of 6 pm, a total of 14,974 BTCs were transferred, of which only 12,474 BTCs were transferred out of the 600,338 heights. CoinHolmes further analyzed the initial address of 3Gh8vtXa and found that the address was on the chain on July 31, and received a total of 55,002 BTCs. The number of transactions was 6,685, and the amount of BTC transferred to the address was extremely small. The batch is transferred out. CoinHolmes initially analyzed the transfer characteristics, the address of the whale is a suspected exchange or fund address.