Analysis: The futures market expanded in the evening, and the bullish spilled slightly

BFX.NU research members said that the frequency of transactions in the futures market increased significantly in the evening, and the long-term spillovers were down from the daytime. At present, it is about 10.02%. At around 16~18 in the afternoon, Bitcoin has seen many large turnovers. In view of the spillover data of the futures market, there may be new rounds of market volatility. In the mainstream currency futures sector, XMR, NEO, ALGO and other 13 contracts were short-term Masukura, while ETH, ONT, ATOM and other 7 contracts appeared to reduce the trend; platform currency futures, BNB, OKB contracts all showed short-term scale The Masukura, in which the BNB contract added a short-term new opening of 27,500, mainly with short positions as the main position.