BiKi Li Xiandong: CWT project will be removed

BiKi officially announced today that the "BiKi Exchange is 100,000 live and the community is very strong". BiKi Li Xiandong said in a circle of friends: "The CWT project party has no money to make market capital, and the currency fee is crowdfunding. When I came up, I wanted to cut the leeks. Various activities allowed the user to buy and ask for privacy information such as the mobile phone number of the user. The platform did not agree, the cut leeks did not turn to the black platform, and the good users and the community only allocated good projects. Will be removed, investors please pay attention to risk." BiKi co-CEO Du Jun friends issued a comment saying: "Overview, Coinword (CWT) this project did not raise money outside, want to cut a trading platform Then, the project sends a long text 'Wrath Protection Fee'. If you don't have money, don't do the project and tell the truth. The user of the platform is the father of the platform, not to let the unscrupulous project cut, protect the user, everyone is responsible. ”