The FATF set out to check the implementation of cryptocurrency regulatory standards in member states.

The International Financial Action Task Force (FATF) of the International Anti-Money Laundering Multinational Organization held its first meeting after the chairman of the China Central Bank's Department of Law and Law, Liu Xiangmin, last Wednesday, and said afterwards that how to assess whether countries are promoting cryptocurrency The new requirements for regulation take the necessary steps, "FATF is now agreeing." The statement mentioned: "In view of the global nature of the virtual asset industry, it is very important for countries to quickly implement these requirements, especially to understand the risks and ensure effective supervision of the industry." “From now on, the assessment will pay special attention to the extent to which countries have implemented these measures.” The FATF noted that countries that have undergone a joint assessment must report on the follow-up process following action. The FATF will closely monitor progress and continue to actively communicate with the private sector to explain the requirements that the FATF applies to them.