Hurun Unicorn List: The average establishment period of blockchain enterprises is 5.36 years, which is 2.4 years lower than the overall average.

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On October 21, Hurun Research Institute released the "2019 Hurun Global Unicorn List". The list shows that there are 494 companies in the world with a valuation of more than 1 billion US dollars, which were founded in 10 years and have obtained private investment and are not listed. Horn animal enterprise. Mutual chain pulse observation, in which there are 11 blockchain ventures, the Chinese team led by Bitian Continental, Jianan Zhizhi, Binance, and Yibang International. The average age of the 11 blockchain unicorns was significantly lower than the overall level in 5.36 years, with an average valuation of approximately 25.4 billion yuan, significantly higher than other industries.

According to the list, 11 blockchain unicorns are: Bitland, Coinbase, Ripple, Jianan Zhizhi, Circle Internet Financial, Binance, Block.One, Dfinity, Yibang International, BitFury, Liquid Global.

From the time of establishment, blockchain unicorn companies have grown faster. The average establishment of unicorn enterprises in the whole industry was 7.76 years, and the average age of blockchain unicorns was 5.36 years, which was second only to the unicorn enterprises in the new energy automobile and consumer goods industries. The shortest blockchain unicorn was established in 2017 as the trading platform Binance and EOS parent company Block.One.

(Cartography: Interchain Pulse Data Source: Hurun Research Institute)

However, the total number of blockchain unicorn companies is 11 and 16th among 25 industries, which is a big gap compared with the e-commerce industry with 68 companies ranking first.

(Cartography: Interchain Pulse Data Source: Hurun Research Institute)

According to the valuation of the listed companies, the blockchain unicorns have higher valuations, and the average is the eighth in all industries. Among the industry, the longest-growing aerospace industry has the highest average valuation of about 92.3 billion yuan. The blockchain unicorn has an average valuation of 25.364 billion, and the average valuation is comparable to the logistics, virtual and augmented reality industries. In the industry itself, Beijing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has a valuation of up to 80 billion yuan, and Jianan is estimated to be 20 billion yuan, close to the average.

(Cartography: Interchain Pulse Data Source: Hurun Research Institute)

The blockchain unicorn on the list is mainly engaged in mining business, followed by the exchange business. Among the 11 companies, Bitin China, Jianan Zhizhi, Yibang International, and BitFury are all mining operations; Coinbase, Binance, and Liquid Global are the main exchanges; Ripple and Circle Internet Financial are the main digital payment; Block .One, Dfinity's main business is cryptocurrency, blockchain cloud computing.

(Cartography: Interchain Pulse Data Source: Hurun Research Institute)

In terms of geography, the distribution trend of blockchain unicorns is similar to that of the general list – China has already surpassed the United States. According to the regional division given in "2019 Hurun Global Unicorn List", there are four blockchain unicorns in China and the United States, and one in Switzerland, Japan and Malta. It is worth noting that Binance, an exchange registered in Malta, is led by the Chinese team. The founders and current heads are Zhao Changpeng and He Yi.

At the time of the release of the list, Hurun, chairman and chief researcher of Hurun Report, said that the number of Chinese unicorn companies exceeded the United States for the first time, and emerging technologies such as blockchain are providing new opportunities for China. The opportunity to come is global. As long as you expand this industry in China, you will be globally leading, such as e-commerce, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other emerging industries."

(Cartography: Interchain Pulse Data Source: Hurun Research Institute and Public Information)

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