Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: Blockchain can build a multi-center data platform to bring better development to artificial intelligence

The 2019 Fudan Management Forum and Fudan Management Awards Foundation Awards Ceremony was held in Shanghai on October 21st. Chinese Academy of Engineering Chai Hongfeng said in his speech that big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, blockchain, artificial intelligence It is the five key technologies of current financial technology. Big data, cloud computing and Internet of Things are enabling technologies, providing basic computing power and data foundation for blockchain and artificial intelligence. Blockchain can build multi-center shared governance data. The platform brings more development opportunities for artificial intelligence.
He once again said: "Through the integration of financial technologies such as the Internet of Things, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, the interaction and integration of human and physical interactions at the intelligent level realizes the trusted interaction of information and knowledge, and the networked group decision-making. In the process of self-awareness, self-learning, self-decision, self-execution, and self-governance, the intelligent development of network individuals is realized, and the overall collaborative evolution of the network is realized."