Experts from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: The successful landing and successful development of the digital renminbi requires steady and steady progress

Recently, Huang Guoping, director of the Investment and Financing Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, published an article entitled "Digital Renminbi is gradually approaching the legal digital currency." The article stated that the successful landing and smooth development of the digital RMB requires us to be down-to-earth and steadily advance: First, foster and build a digital RMB to successfully land and develop an ecological environment, and achieve a win-win situation for digital RMB development cooperation. Second, strengthen monetary theory and policy research in the (statutory) digital currency environment, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of digital renminbi as a policy control tool. Third, regulate the issuance and use of digital RMB, and improve the efficiency and adaptability of digital RMB supervision. Fourth, strengthen technical research on the development of digital currency and scientifically assess the technical risks in the development of digital renminbi.