Telegram moves the bricks and scams, and the amount of fraud in up to 750 ETHs in eight days

According to the monitoring of the digital asset security tracking platform, Telegram's “bringing bricks and arbitrage” fraud scams have become more and more embarrassing. The scam has a scam amount of up to 750 ETHs within eight days. As of the report, the scam is still running. In the past year, scammers have continuously induced users to conduct "real money against counterfeit currency" through imtoken wallet. Since imtoken wallet officially takes a series of countermeasures to effectively prevent some users from being deceived, scammers replace imtoken with geek wallet. The wallet continues to scam. Currently, the scammer has transferred funds to the new address 0xe256148875a23191b3428C7937b83b04e132fC56.