The 2019 Afforestation Project of Xiong'an New District Xiong County (Autumn) requires access to the New District City Information Model (CIM) Management Platform based on big data and blockchain.

On October 22, Xiong'an New District announced the bidding announcement for the project management of the 2019 afforestation project (autumn) in Xiong County. The announcement requires that the project construction content should be in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Xiong'an New District on the construction of smart cities, and full consideration should be given to digitization and intelligence. Based on big data and blockchain, the building information model (BIM) data generated by the whole process needs to be connected to the new district city information model (CIM) management platform; the whole process capital of the project is managed through the blockchain fund management platform. To implement the relevant regulations on the wage protection of builders in Xiong'an New District.