Aelf is still working normally, and the boss is "unknown"

On October 22nd, in response to the news that the public chain project aelf community was suddenly disbanded and Ma Yibo suspected that the market was 10 million, the reporter went to aelf's company in Chaoyang District, Beijing to conduct on-the-spot verification. Through the glass door, you can clearly see aelf's logo and the employees who are working. The company's front desk said that at the time of the meal and lunch break, the relevant leaders are not there, so they can't interview and communicate, when asked about the company's leadership. When I came back, many of my employees answered vaguely and did not give a clear answer. When asked about the dissolution of the community and the rumors of running, the other party said that it is not convenient to express opinions and opinions, and the leader can not accept media interviews, and the follow-up will release rumors. Since then, some employees have said that the boss is not in the company for two days. Earlier news, aelf official Twitter latest post said that aelf China's operations team disbanded some WeChat groups, aelf will focus on the developer community. The team will operate as usual and will follow the regulations to develop the aelf community. On the evening of October 21st, the community of the well-known public chain project aelf (ELF) was suddenly dismantled a lot. The news about the ELF running road appeared in the major communities.