Tencent Blockchain White Paper: Blockchain startups increase by 250%, global patent growth has slowed

Original title: "2019 Tencent blockchain white paper" released, explain the four major points of detail

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Recently, the "2019 Tencent Blockchain White Paper" was officially released. The "White Paper" analyzes the development trend of the blockchain industry in 2019, proposes the conception and thinking of the industrial blockchain, and announces the key layout of the blockchain in Tencent and the practice and achievements of Tencent in the blockchain and industry integration.

Aspect 1: The number of blockchain companies has exploded, with a growth rate of over 250% for two consecutive years.

In December 2016, the “blockchain” was first written as a strategic frontier technology in the “Notice of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the National Informationization Plan of the “13th Five-Year Plan”. Over the past two years, there have been 25 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China. And the SAR issued a blockchain related policy.


According to the White Paper, with the rising popularity of the blockchain in recent years, the investment in this field has also shown a steady growth trend, with financial investment as the main factor. Since 2015, the proportion of strategic investment has gradually increased, from less than 10% to 24.38% in 2018. Policy encouragement and capital favorment have made China's blockchain develop rapidly. According to the White Paper, before 2016, there were less than 1,000 blockchain-related companies, and the number growth was slow. However, since 2016, blockchain technology has developed rapidly, market conditions have been unprecedentedly high, and more and more talents have poured in. The number of blockchain companies has also exploded, with an increase of over 250% for two consecutive years.

The "White Paper" pointed out that the current blockchain has initially formed an industrial ecological prototype with three major sectors: infrastructure, industry application and comprehensive services. The sub-sectors in the industry are developing rapidly and the industrial clustering effect is significant. The blockchain is accelerating from the digital currency field to innovative integration with all walks of life, giving new kinetic energy to the new round of development of various industries.

Aspect 2: The number of patents in China's blockchain accounts for a year-on-year increase in the proportion of new patents in the world

While entrepreneurs are heating up in the blockchain sector, both Internet and financial giants and startups are fiercely competing in the patent field to protect research results, improve market competitiveness and enhance brand reputation and credibility.

According to the White Paper, the number of patent applications in the blockchain sector has steadily increased from the trend of global patent filings, but the growth rate has gradually slowed down from about 3,000% in 2015 to 40% in 2018.

It can be found that the development of global blockchain patents has gradually entered a period of steady growth from the high-speed development period. Among them, China's growth trend is very close to the global trend. In recent years, China's patents are increasing in number, and the proportion of new patents in the world is also increasing year by year, from 33.33% in 2014 to 82.1% in 2018. Benefit from the high attention of domestic policies, the continuous investment of corporate institutions and the continuous influx of talents in the industry.


Aspect 3: Blockchain can be deeply integrated into traditional industries

This year's government work report puts forward the key objectives of future development – the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, the realization of traditional industrial upgrading, and the blockchain is one of the important technologies to promote the upgrading of traditional industries. The "White Paper" pointed out that the blockchain can be deeply integrated into traditional industries. By integrating the problems of trust and automation encountered in the process of industrial upgrading, the sharing and reconstruction methods are greatly enhanced to help upgrade traditional industries and rebuild trust relationships. Improve industrial efficiency.

On the one hand, it helps the real industry, on the other hand, it integrates traditional finance. The blockchain can make up for the information asymmetry between financial and physical industries, solve the problem of financial deconstruction, establish an efficient value transfer mechanism, realize the circulation of traditional industrial value in the digital world, and help the flow of business, information flow and capital flow. Three streams – ", and then promote the digital transformation of traditional industries and build an industrial blockchain ecosystem.

Through the “blockchain+” model, enabling financial and physical industries, promoting the integration of blockchain and industry, and accelerating the construction of industrial blockchain will be the main theme of the development of blockchain industry in the next three to five years. Aspect 4: Tencent blockchain breaks through multi-scenario applications such as taxation, public welfare, games, and legal affairs.

Since 2015, Tencent has been focusing on blockchain technology and conducting independent research and development. It is rooted in the construction of autonomous and controllable blockchain infrastructure, TrustSQL, to continuously improve its architecture and improve its performance. According to the White Paper, in terms of application scenarios, Tencent actively conducts research in the fields of finance, taxation, public welfare, games, legal affairs, supply chain and medical care, and carries out various directions in terms of industry pain points, solutions, value generation and potential applications. Explore communication.

In the current application of the Tencent Blockchain application, the blockchain electronic invoice project “tax chain”, the supply chain financial project “micro-enterprise chain”, the judicial deposit certificate project “to the letter chain” and the city commercial bank draft project have all been obtained. Certain results.

The "White Paper" believes that the blockchain will deepen the industry, empower the real economy, and promote industrial upgrading. In the future, the blockchain of Tencent will continue to adhere to the development concepts of “Science and Technology to Goodness”, “Open Sharing” and “Independent Innovation”, accelerate the innovation of blockchain technology, and consolidate the construction of the underlying development platform of blockchain and the application of industry. Let the blockchain play the most value in all walks of life.

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