ChainIDE related papers are included in IEEE CloudCom2019 Poster

According to the IEEE CloudCom 2019 Technical Committee, recently, the paper "ChainIDE – A Cloud-based Integrated Development Environment for Cross-blockchain Smart Contracts" by Paris Telecom, Nanjing Pure White Matrix, Shenzhen University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) was Computer academic conference IEEE CloudCom Poster link. The Pure White Matrix is ​​a Cocos-BCX eco-partner and strategic partner. After the world's first support for the Facebook lIbra Move language, ChainIDE has supported Cocos-BCX worldwide. Today, ChainIDE has used cloud services to provide 310,000 compilation, debugging, and deployment services to developers in 100 countries around the world. It is reported that the conference will be held in Sydney, Australia in early December, and participants will be able to try the latest version of ChainIDE Jormungand on the spot.