Vitalik: Blockchain is a consensus platform rather than an excellent storage platform, and fragmentation can't solve this problem.

On October 22nd, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin replied to several questions in the community on the online AMA. Some of the contents are as follows:
1. 32 ETH and ordinary computers are enough to become Ethereum 2.0 nodes.
2. Hold more ETHs and run only one Ethereum 2.0 client. The client can manage multiple certifier IDs. But the more certifier IDs the client manages, the more data the client needs to verify.
3. Multiple certifier IDs need to hold multiple private keys, but the client can generate multiple private keys with one private key.
4. After the implementation of Phase 2 of Ethereum 2.0, you can use the smart contract to do the delegation. And a few people can get together 32ETH through a contract and become a single verifier.
5. 32 The threshold of ETH is set by looking at the efficiency of the client. If the limit is set to 4 ETH, then the number of certifier IDs will be a lot, and the overhead of the Ethereum 2.0 chain will be too high.
6. Blockchain is a consensus platform, not a particularly good storage platform, and even fragmentation can not solve this problem. But there are other decentralized storage protocols, such as swarm.
7. When asked what is the final TPS achieved under the imaginary state? V God said: "One billion users, one transaction per user per day, or 11,500 transactions per second. But we will need several years to reach 1 billion users, so there is no need to work hard to reach 1 million TPS."