BTC has two large transfers with a total value of approximately $22.11 million.

According to data, at 10:58 on April 18th, Beijing time, there were two large transfers on the bitcoin chain, with a total value of about 22.11 million US dollars. The first transaction is the beginning of 3Am1 and the transfer of 2789.99 BTCs to the beginning of 39kc. The transaction hash is: 38a65e7a3c92dd5a3408ab0e659719dd3dd1dffaca25b857a6906c3099d363c5. The second transaction is to transfer 2605.99 BTCs from the beginning of 3GTz to the beginning of 3Kan. The transaction hash is: b6bbdddfbdfb928d7b9241cc9f7971faaa348978e9c1a642cf28adcf3e4d65c1.