Shanghai Jiaotong University Gu Laifeng: Financial technology integrates six types of services such as blockchain and digital currency

According to People's Daily News, the "2019 Rongyi Technology Brand Launch Conference" was held in Shanghai. Gu Laifeng, deputy dean of the School of Overseas Education of Shanghai Jiaotong University and expert of the Financial Technology Service Committee of the Shanghai Modern Service Industry Association, said in his speech that "financial technology" and "technical finance" are completely different concepts, not " The difference between +Internet and "Internet +", financial technology is a technology-driven financial innovation that integrates six categories of services: artificial intelligence finance, internet finance, blockchain and digital currency, big data, cloud computing and automated tools and device. The development of science and technology is the biggest motivation for future business changes. Banks should also enter the information intermediary from the traditional financial intermediaries, master the information, and use the development of off-balance-sheet business to drive the growth of the business within the table.