The founder of Celsius Network slammed DeFi, MakerDAO executives responded

According to CoinGape, on October 22, Alex Mashinsky, founder of Celsius Network, a cryptocurrency lending platform, said on Twitter, "Celsius has twice the number of users of all DeFi products. This is because we will be 80% Revenue) is returned to the community, while Maker and others (DeFi products) will retain 50%. Do you think DeFi really cares about your interests?” Subsequently, MakerDAO European business development representative Gustav Arentoft responded to Alex’s statement. He said: "Maker has not reserved 50%, we have returned all the money we have earned back to the user. We do not have the cost of a centralized platform. Can you correct the tweet content? At the same time, congratulations to Celsius on the progress. Celsius performance Yes, but there is no reason to attack."