Head of Research, Comparative magazine: Technology such as blockchain can help solve problems caused by data

On October 23, "Science and Technology Daily" published an article in the "Comparative" magazine research department, Chen Yongwei, entitled "The data industry is stuck in the technical crisis of survival crisis and depends on technology." The article said that although it is not easy to comprehensively solve the problems caused by data, the development of some technologies has made us see hope. Among the many technologies, three technologies may be worthy of attention, including blockchain technology. An important feature of blockchain technology is traceable traceability, a technology that fully records all the information in the data transfer process. In this way, once the data has a problem in the process of delivery, it is clear where the problem occurs and who should bear the responsibility. It is reported that "Comparative" magazine is edited by Wu Jinglian and published by CITIC Publishing House. It is the authoritative economics serial publication of China today.