Huawei has disclosed 4 blockchain related patents this month, and has applied for 27 blockchain related patents.

According to financial reports on the financial network chain, Huawei recently applied for a patent based on blockchain-based settlement methods, blockchain nodes and clients. After further enquiries, according to the patent search and analysis platform of the State Intellectual Property Office, the patents that have been published so far show that Huawei Terminal Co., Ltd. and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. have applied for 27 patents related to the blockchain. According to statistics, 5 of the 27 patents were applied by Huawei in 2016, and 11 and 10 blockchain-related patent applications were filed in 2017 and 2018 respectively. The patents disclosed this month, in addition to the "blockchain-based settlement method, blockchain node and client" patents displayed by Tianyue, include the same application last March and was published on the 8th of this month. "Identity management methods, equipment, communication networks and storage media" patents, and on October 11th, disclosed "a business management method and related equipment" and "a blockchain endorsement method and device" two patents . These three patents relate to the identification management of operators in the blockchain network, the use of blockchain nodes for business interaction management and the endorsement of smart contracts.