US House of Representatives: Worried that Libra will promote the development of terrorist organizations and money laundering activities

According to The Kansas City Star, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg met with US Congressman Emanuel Cleaver on Tuesday. Cleaver asked the US Treasury Department to investigate Libra in September. This week, he was told that the department is paying close attention to Libra's situation before it was released. In an interview with The Star after the talks with Zuckerberg, Cleaver said, "I am worried that Libra will further promote the development of terrorist organizations and money laundering. I told Zuckerberg that it scares me." Zuckerberg Will testify on Wednesday at the US House Financial Services Committee. Cleaver is a member of the group and serves as chairman of the subcommittee focused on national security and monetary policy. According to the testimony released, Zuckerberg will tell legislators that the company will not launch Libra until it is approved by US regulators. A few hours before meeting with Zuckerberg, Cleaver presented Libra's questions to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin at a Lira-independent hearing. Mnuchin assured them that the Treasury is monitoring Libra, which may be released in 2020, and ensuring that it has the necessary regulatory powers. Mnuchin said, “I have seen it many times with Facebook representatives. We told them that we thought it was too early to launch and they have not solved the basic problem of money laundering.”