BitPay announces a list of merchants that support Ethereum, including Amazon and Microsoft

According to the chain, BitPay, the world's largest blockchain payment provider, announced that its applications and multiple merchants have begun to support Ethereum payments, and announced a list of businesses that support Ethereum payments, including support for purchases (Amazon and Delta Airlines). Gift cards, (Newegg, Ledger, Scan UK and Avent) electronic hardware products, (APMEX, Goldmoney, Sharps Pixley and Provident Metals) jewelry, (Microsoft, Dish TV, Xsolla and Dallas Mavericks) entertainment services and games, (airBaltic, Privatefly, Flight Centre and Eom Travel), (Namecheap HOSTKEY, Private Internet and ExpressVPN) software and web services, (Fancy, Lush, Lanieri Schmidt's) fashion skin care products, for non-profit organizations (Tor, Wikipedia Foundation, American Red) The Cross and Electronic Frontier) donate and purchase (Onfido, HackerOne, BitGo, Chainalysis) professional services.