Pan Guangwei: Supply Chain Finance with Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Technology

According to Sina Finance, the “2019 China Financial Forum” was held in Beijing on October 23-24, 2019. Pan Guangwei, secretary of the Party Committee of the China Banking Association, and the first vice president of the Asian Financial Cooperation Association, said in his speech that in the aspect of supply chain finance, small and private enterprises that cannot cover the core enterprise credit can rely on the block. Chains, artificial intelligence to create supply chain finance, access to core enterprises upstream and downstream, counterparties and ecosystem customers. Using the blockchain to trace, retain, and not falsify, solve the trust problems of all parties in the chain; at the same time, use artificial intelligence to cross-validate, solve the problem of information asymmetry between banks and enterprises, and the difficulty of verifying trade authenticity To help solve the problem of financing difficult financing for small and micro enterprises.