OKEx contract big data: BTC contract long and short positions than 1.33, the market sees more emotions prevail

As of 10:30 on October 23, according to OKEx contract big data, the current BTC contract long and short positions ratio is 1.33, quarterly contract basis difference of 56.67 US dollars, perpetual contract basis difference of 1.06 US dollars; BTC contract positions total 7,360,466, 24h trading volume 14,656,008; active buying volume 289,941, active selling volume 287,986; elite account long account than 54%, long position than 30.61%, short account than 45%, short position than 18.23%. Analysts said that the ratio of long and short positions is 1.33, and the sentiment of retail investors continues to rise. The total amount of positions continues to be stable, and the active trading activity is relatively high, but the long and short sides are temporarily balanced, and the BTC contract elite positions, long positions Compared with the rebound to 30.61%, the short position ratio fell back to 18.23%, the elite group sentiment turned to look more dominant.