Analysis: The market for long-term equilibrium in the futures market is wide, and the risk of market volatility increases.

BFX.NU researcher said that the long-term spillover of the futures market was only 1.39%, which was in the long-short equilibrium range. The total amount of positions in the past 12 hours showed a significant change, and many large investors showed more emptiness. As the US House Financial Services Committee will conduct a hearing on Libra this evening, the risk of market volatility will increase, and the corresponding oscillator will also show a dangerous range. Mainstream currency futures sector, NEO, XMR, QTUM and other eight types of contracts are short-term Masukura, while EOS, ELF, ATOM and other 10 contracts are showing a trend of lightening; platform currency futures sector, HT contract short-selling reduction, BNB, OKB contract There are signs of an increase in the size of short positions, of which the BNB contract has a short opening of 12,200, and the overall position is mainly short positions.