Liu Wen, Jia Nan, sales director Chen Feng, A11 series mining machine is available, mining machine ushers in the replacement period

In October 2019, Canaan first released the latest bitcoin mining machine Avalon A11 series. Among them, A1166 rated power 68T / S, the maximum computing power of 73T / S, energy consumption ratio as low as 46J / T, this is the most powerful generation of bitcoin mining machine in ten years.

On the evening of October 17, the ChainNode live broadcast of the A11 mining machine features and sales policies with Jia Nan Zhizhi and Avalon Sales Director Chen Feng ( click to see the text version ). After that, Babbitt exclusive dialogue with Chen Feng, about the A11 series mining machine, about mining, about the 2020 calculation, about the bitcoin price, we have thrown six explosive problems, and see how Chen Feng responded.

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▲Chen Feng (first from left), Xiaogui (founder of News), Jun Yao (host of ChainNode live broadcast)

Question 1. What is the static return period of the A11 series mining machine?

Like today, the price of the currency is 58,000 yuan, calculated according to the A1166 rated power of 68T. When the electricity fee is 0.36 yuan, 0.001314 bitcoins can be dug every day, the daily income is about 78 yuan, the electricity expenditure is 27 yuan, and the daily net profit is about 51. yuan. Based on the price of 13,940 yuan after the coupon is used, the static return period is about 8.5 months (calculated at the current bitcoin price). The A1146 is priced at 9999 yuan, which corresponds to a static return period of about 7 months.

The industry pricing rules will determine the price of the mining machine based on the return cycle. 6-8 months is the current “standard” return period of the industry. The previous 3-4 months of the return period is past tense, unless the currency price appears. Sharply skyrocketing .

Question 2, when will the A11 series be shipped?

The A11 series is not a PPT mining machine. The official bulk delivery time is 1-2 months from 2020.

Generally speaking, the chip can be produced after 2 weeks of delivery. Currently, the chip is scheduled to be delivered in late December. It is foreseeable that next year, January to March will be the key node for large-scale arrival. In January, the user is basically the first. Mass production machine.

The higher the wafer yield of a production chip, the greater the number of high-power chips produced on the same wafer. For mining machine manufacturers, the yield is high, the output is large, the yield is low, and the machine is few. This is the only uncontrollable factor. Avalon insists on the high quality for so many years. The secret behind this is that it is good for wafers. The rate has a high standard and control.

Question 3, the mining machine model is tens of millions, how to choose a reliable mining machine?

Miners always pursue high computing power and low power consumption, because computing power represents revenue, and power consumption represents cost. A11 is a high-powered mining machine, and the power consumption level is reduced by global optimization and customization. From chip design to peripheral power supply, fan, main control board and other modules, its power consumption is currently seen as an industrial production machine. The lowest of them.

The A1166 has a rated power of 68T/S and an energy consumption ratio of 46J/T. The A1146 has a rated power of 56T/S and an energy consumption ratio of 57J/T. Very competitive.

At present, large miners will consider the purchase of mining machines. In addition to the key factor of price, there are two important factors: the stability of the mining machine and whether it is delivered on time. Assuming that the mining machine has a high damage rate and a delay in delivery, it will inevitably increase the purchase cost, and the overall loss will be large. In addition, the residual value of circulation of the mining machine (flowability) is also one of the considerations. Small and medium-sized miners, especially new miners, will be more sensitive to the price of mining machines.

The mining machines that we often hear are highly damaged during transportation. There are many factors, mainly due to the uneven quality of the mining machines and improper traffic handling. The stability of the Avalon mining machine is well-received in the industry. Everyone feels very stable and there will be no small problems. The 8 Series, 9 Series, and 10 Series are always the same, and the A11 Series also improves heat dissipation.

In addition, we did not have any delays in delivery, ensuring that customers arrive on time as scheduled.


▲ Avalon A1166 mining machine


Question 4, who is mining? Are there still opportunities for small miners?

Mining thresholds are getting higher and higher, institutional players are entering, they can buy tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of mining machines in one batch.

Large institutions have to do cloud computing, some of them dig themselves, and some sell to retail investors. There are also some big institutions that don't look at short-term gains. They don't buy Bitcoin directly, but they are willing to mine to get clean bitcoin. Buying Bitcoin is actually a bullish speculative earning premium, and buying mining machine mining is the least expensive means of obtaining bitcoin.

Avalon mining machine is very attractive to customers because of its good cost performance and stability. The big miners will judge themselves.

Even so, small and medium-sized miners with small demand still exist, they can also find electricity and places suitable for mining, and it will be more convenient in terms of machine relocation and transfer.

Question 5. What will be the computing power in 2020?

The dry season is coming soon. The large-volume small computing machine will temporarily shut down due to the lack of proper mine custody. The currency price will decrease in sideways, and the calculation will decrease in a short time.

Although there are new machines shipped, the actual shipments can't offset the loss of the power of a large number of shutdowns, so the calculations will not skyrocket before the end of the year. However, the calculation power is ultimately linked to the rise in the price of the currency, depending on the price of the currency.

In short, bitcoin is getting harder to dig, and digging is better than digging late.

Next year, the new machine will be shipped, and the computing power will increase. However, according to the situation of the film we know, the shipments of other friends will not be very large, because everyone will not rush to make a large number of mining machines. In 2017, because the market is good, the mining machine has a lot of machines, but it has produced a lot of inventory. This time, everyone will not play this way.

Say a special case, this year's thermal power demand is greater than supply, Xinjiang Inner Mongolia has not accepted the old machine with low computing power, the new machine with great computing power is the first choice. The main reason is that many new mines are designed according to the big calculation model. The machine position is limited. The low calculation power of the old machine can not only take up space and can not digest the load, and if the market oscillates at any time, it may be relevant. The new large computing machine can run at full capacity for the mine, the utilization rate of the aircraft is higher, and the subsequent operation and maintenance management of the new mining machine is more convenient.

At present, as the new mines are built and operated in November-December, the market has great demand for high-computing new machines, so our sales are relatively good, sold out early in October, and sold in November-December. Almost, many big customers are already arranging machines for the first quarter of next year.

Question 6. In 2020, how does Jianan Zhizhi fight?

In the future, Jia Nan will continue to lay out in two major sections.

The first is the AI ​​chip, which will grow to tens of millions of dollars in 2020.

The second is the mining machine, the A11 series is the main model for the next six months. In 2018, we launched the world's first 7nm mining machine. The future 7nm is definitely the direction. Next year we plan to introduce the 7nm second generation model. In addition, we will increase overseas expansion, increase Avalong brand awareness and overall market share.