IBM, Softbank and blockchain platform TBCASoft collaborate to promote mobile payment blockchain

According to foreign media information, today, technology giant IBM, Telecom Group Softbank and blockchain platform TBCASoft jointly announced that they are cooperating to adopt cross-operator telecommunication blockchain payment solutions, aiming at achieving new synergies throughout the telecommunications industry. Operators and their users provide new services.


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New cross-operator system

After this cooperation, operators can use the blockchain through the Carrier Blockchain Research Group (CBSG) alliance established by TBCASoft and Softbank.

The first application that the CBSG Alliance plans to launch is the Cross-Operator Payment System (CCPS), which is designed to enable mobile service users to use their mobile phones to make payments with overseas local merchants. In this regard, TBCASoft founder and CEO Ling Wu pointed out:

“In the past three years, we have been working closely with leading telecom operators under the leadership of the CBSG Alliance to promote the adoption of the CCPS platform […] We believe that this cooperation will be for our customers, partners and The telecommunications industry brings greater overall value."

It is reported that the CCPS payment system allows interoperability between different telecom operators to establish a merchant network accessible to mobile service customers, and Softbank is the first operator to adopt the CCPS system, which is planned to be in Tokyo in 2020. Launched a related payment system.

IBM will leverage its strengths with 80% of global telecom operators to support the expansion of the alliance ecosystem. For this collaboration, Utpal Mangla, vice president and blockchain partner of IBM Telecom, commented:

“Using a telecom blockchain network can improve cross-operator relationships, and cross-operator payments help change the way telecom operators trade with partners and customers, providing innovative payment solutions.”