MatPool mining pool launched the "digging ticket" business, the second world blockchain conference · Wuzhen tickets waiting for you to dig

From October 23rd, the MatPool mining pool launched the double benefit of mining, and the mining has the opportunity to obtain the tickets for the second World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen.
The first bullet of welfare: the average calculation power during the activity period is BTM≥5M, ZEC≥4M, ETC≥10G, SIPC≥400M, CKB≥500G, and a limited edition business ticket (value ¥1688) can be obtained for more than two days.
The second round of welfare: the top three in the list of single currency income during the event, the first place can receive only 50 VIP tickets (worth ¥6288), and the second and third can receive a business ticket for the conference. (Value ¥2288).
Activity time: 2019.10.23 12:00-2019.11.5 12:00 (Beijing time) Details: The final interpretation of the event belongs to MatPool.