Analysis: BTC has been significantly suppressed in the vicinity of the 30-day cost line for two consecutive days, and the downside risk remains high.

According to OKEx's quarterly contract data, the BTC rebound high in the last two days (October 21 and 22) was blocked after hitting the 30-day cost line. As of yesterday (8:00 am Hong Kong time), the K line closed down, down 2.52%. . OKEx analysts believe that from the perspective of the daily line level, the decline since the 14460 high on June 26 is still in progress, and there has been no clear damage. In most cases, the market price will continue to run in the direction already formed, and now the direction is downward, and the price of the currency is sensitive to the resistance level when it rebounds, indicating that there is insufficient confidence in many parties. Personally, the probability of continuing to go down in the next few days is obviously higher than the probability of going upwards. Pay attention to preventive measures. Bitcoin quarter contract day resistance at $8,200 and support at $7,750.