Ukraine has two cryptocurrency bills in the morning and will be open for comments in the next two weeks.

According to CryptoNews, on October 22nd, Ukrainian lawmaker Alexey Zhmerenetsky posted on Facebook that a group of 50 members has worked with blockchain business groups, lobbyists supporting the blockchain and the Ministry of Digital Affairs (Ministry of Digital Affairs has drafted two cryptocurrency bills. These bills are now available online and will be publicly available for public comment in the next two weeks before being submitted to the Parliament. The MP said: "We will ask President Zelensky to treat these bills as a matter of urgency because they will provide billions of dollars in huge potential for economic growth. Before the arrival of 2020, we will open the Ukrainian blockchain economy. A new era. The first bill requires individuals and companies to report more than $1,200 in cryptocurrency transactions to financial regulators, providing seller and buyer information, including personal data, company information, and wallet addresses. The second bill divides tokens into two categories—“token-assets” and “crypto-assets”. The second category includes tokens that do not “implicate” property rights, but also bitcoin and most mainstream altcoins. This is the category to be taxed. The bills also include measures that will force companies dealing with cryptocurrencies in Ukraine to comply with anti-money laundering agreements.