Jimmy Song: Bitcoin doesn't need marketing, too many experts are pushing for scams.

Encrypted currency developer Jimmy Song said on Twitter that many "marketing experts" who entered the password space eventually became the promoters of fraudulent projects.


In his view, unlike Bitcoin, “junk coins” or “competitive coins” require the help of those who claim to be experts in cryptocurrency projects to gain some appeal in this area. However, he believes that these experts are finally on the platform for the scam.

“In the near future, the psychological activities that have been proven to prove their existence have distorted them and made them fall incurable.”


Although he did not point out the specific currency, we did witness a large number of influential people in the circle, and even celebrities have supported some famous scams.

Throughout the entire currency circle, there are many people coming and going. At the same time, many people enter the market with a firm belief. In the end, it is not a slap in the face or a ruin. It is blunt to say that no matter what kind of currency, the realization of wealth is the ultimate goal. .

Despite this, his views have been opposed. One user said, “Every exchange must have at least one marketer”, which helps promote communication and the popularity of cryptocurrencies.

Others have questioned why, as a bitcoin popular, why can't Song "see the value of marketing and help Bitcoin pass its value to more people."

This is not the first time Song has expressed his views on competitive coins and marketing.

Earlier this month, he listed some of the cryptocurrencies that fell out of favor on Twitter, such as Namecoin, Freicoin, Peercoin, Novacoin, Feathercoin, Mastercoin (now Omni), Maidsafecoin, Factom, Nxt and Bitshares. Song pointed out in a previous article:

“Too many people buy tokens that they don’t understand at all, so they can buy services that they don’t understand at all, and ultimately affect a wave of strangers.”

But he admits that since entering the market, some of the competitive currencies such as Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Starcoin and Ethereum have performed better.

Song concluded that:

“The lesson here is that garbage coins require a lot of marketing to survive.”

As one of Bitcoin's strongest supporters, Song also said this month that "no one needs you to protect Bitcoin" and adds that it protects itself.

“Or more accurately, the economic status will provide adequate protection for Bitcoin at the right time.”