PeckShield: P network has received more than 100 million bitcoins for calculation errors, actually only 3 million

On October 23, a total of more than 100 million bitcoins were received for a wallet address on the Poloniex exchange. PeckShield researchers analyzed that the data came from Blockchair, not the official BTC browser, and there were statistical errors. The actual accumulated received BTC of the 17A16QmavnUfCW11DAApiJxp7ARnxN5pGX address should be 3,279,378. The reason for the calculation error is PeckShield analysis. The reason for Blockchair to calculate the BTC amount when receiving an address is not to filter the change: for example, the address actually receives only 0.2 BTC. Looking for a change of 6.09 BTC, the total receiving amount is exaggerated to be 0.2+6.09, which does not meet the statistical logic of Bitcoin UTXO transactions.