Report: Grayscale GBTC assets are mostly from unknown customers whose asset management scale is less than $100 million.

On October 23, a report by The Block pointed out that the total asset management scale (AUM) of Grayscale products still exceeded $2 billion, but it has increased by 22% since last month, and the AUM of investment products has increased year on year. 40%. According to the 13F form submitted in grayscale, 1.3% of the gray bitcoin trust (GBTC) assets come from AUM's $100 million US institutional investors. The remaining 98.3% came from an unknown customer with an AUM of less than $100 million, which is not within the scope of the 13F form. In addition, since the launch of the Ethereum Trust product, the AUM of the organization that owns the product has not exceeded $100 million. Remarks: The US SEC stipulates that institutions that manage more than $100 million in stock assets need to provide the SEC with a position report at the end of the quarter within 45 days of the end of each quarter. This report is the 13F form.