Report: Coinbase, Bitstamp's BTC/USD market share has exceeded Bitfinex

On October 23, according to the recent Coin Metrics report, Bitfinex's BTC/USD market share declined sharply after maintaining its maximum trading volume at the beginning of this year. Related charts show that Bitfinex ranked first in BTC/USD trading volume in May this year, but then continued to decline, surpassed by Coinbase, and Bitstamp overtook Bitfinex in September. The continued decline in its market share may cause Bitfinex to be surpassed by Kraken in the future. According to the analysis, the reason for the decline is related to a series of lawsuits that have been around Bitfinex and Tether. In addition, Bitstamp's new transaction costs are lower than Bitfinex, which has given Bitstamp more market share in the past few months. Although Bitfinex was ahead of Bitstamp in terms of volume between April and July, Bitstamp ushered in growth after the new fee structure became effective. In September, Bitstamp had completely exceeded Bitfinex, and at the time of writing, According to the BTC/USD trading volume, the market share of Bitstamp in October was significantly higher than that of Bitfinex.