US Treasury: Confirm that Libra has many unresolved issues and will pay close attention

US Congressman Emanuel Cleaver has received a reply from the US Treasury Department, confirming that there are many "unresolved issues" on Libra, and said that as Congress "continues to study these issues," the market will be closely monitored to resolve the findings. Any problems. Cleaver previously wrote to the US Financial Stability Oversight Board (FSOC) and the Office of Financial Research (OFR), calling on regulators to proactively investigate possible systemic risks in Libra and Calibra. According to previous reports, Cleaver raised a question about Libra to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin at a hearing unrelated to Libra. Mnuchin assured them that the Treasury is monitoring Libra, which may be released in 2020, and ensuring that it has the necessary regulatory powers. Mnuchin said, “I have seen it many times with Facebook representatives. We told them that we thought it was too early to launch and they have not solved the basic problem of money laundering.”