From encountering bitcoin to "old leeks", the story of the six-year ring

Life is like a blank piece of paper, and everyone writes their own story on it. Meet the blockchain, let me have more color on the paper, go back and savor it, feel a lot…


Occasionally bitcoin

I was a student of 2013. I have seen Bitcoin on the Internet, and the related content is more: bubbles, scams.

On November 3, 2016, I was really exposed to Bitcoin. Luo Ji thinking public number article "can not afford real estate? It is better to make this small and beautiful investment. Wang Haoquan recommended buying Bitcoin as an investment product, and given a five-time increase of at least 5 times in 5 years.

I just joined the work at the time, although I only had a small savings, but I also want to use the money to make some investment. At that time, Luo Ji thought was already the head IP of the intellectual community. It was necessary to make "promotion" for Bitcoin on the public number that thousands of people care about.

With the "endorsement" of Luo Ji's thinking, I was lying on the bed and brushing my mobile phone. I immediately got up and got to the Internet, and read all the books about the blockchain that I could buy at that time.

I was shocked by the “price” of Bitcoin, which changed from a worthless value to around RMB 6,000 (December 2016); also fascinated by the blockchain technology underneath Bitcoin , a decentralized distributed ledger database. Technology-generated applications are likely to exceed our imagination.

Bitcoin is equivalent to the first application of blockchain technology. If the blockchain is water, bitcoin is just a fish that grows in the water, and other fish grow in the water. In this "water", I later saw "color coins", "bifurcation coins", "mainstream coins", "cotton coins", "return to zero coins"…

After I first realized the blockchain, I stepped into the digital asset trading market, where the currency circle was one day, and the world was ten years.


Unique "闯"

After entering the digital asset market, there is no doubt that it is fortunate. Catch up with the "bull market" at the beginning of the 17th and enjoy the bonus. After experiencing the "94" blood wash, I also witnessed the "peak" of December 17th. Since then, the market has entered a long bear market.

On December 23, 2016, I bought a bitcoin of 200 yuan. This transaction made me feel the thrill of this market through the change of numbers . Later, the recharge of the land continued to buy some bitcoin. During the Spring Festival of 2017, more attention was paid to the body of Ethereum, and I spent about 70 yuan to buy Ethereum. After buying, the bull market started.

The huge increase made me excited. What is even more exciting is the burst of 1CO. On March 16, 2017, I participated in the first 1CO quantum chain crowdfunding in the cloud and invested a bitcoin.

“9.4” China closed all virtual currency trading platforms, and the market instantly went from midsummer to winter. However, the supervision of this storm did not stop the frenzy of the “coin circle”. On December 17, 2017, Bitcoin reached the peak of 20,000 US dollars so far, and then other digital assets also reached their peak, and the market sentiment reached The apex.

However, since then, the market has entered a cold winter, the price of bitcoin has fallen to $3,000, and the price of other digital assets has shrunk by 90%. During this period, there were EOS's successful launch and operation, 1EO stimulation, Facebook's Libra plan, Bakket's launch…

However, the market is still in the cold winter. For more than two years, in such a trading market of “one dollar, one decade of humanity”, he is lonely, lucky, and full of hope.

Loneliness comes from the heart. In a small county town, there are few friends in the real world who can discuss the blockchain. What you hear around are "that is a scam, a pyramid scheme, don't buy it," both parents and close friends. Admonish away from this market.

I can only learn in the network and communicate in the network. The excitement of the skyrocketing, the fear of the plunging, and the torment of the sideways can only be sustained by themselves. I understand the feeling of being alone to the eyes of the blind, crying and fearing that no one is comforting, swallowing tears and continuing to smile.

Lucky comes from the outside world. There is no doubt that I am fortunate. After entering this market, I will catch up with the 17-year bull market and enjoy the bull market dividend. If it is not the time to enter, I think it is impossible to stick to it.

Soon after entering the blockchain market, it gradually formed its own investment principle. Only investing with the money that you don’t need”, “At least through the two bull-bear cycle, is a qualified blockchain asset investor . These words made me not invest in leverage, my life was normal, and I got married and had my own family. Thank you for the luck that God has brought.

At today's time, the blockchain market is still cold, and the blockchain technology is still in its infancy. After savoring loneliness and luck, the heart is more hopeful.


Blockchain I understand

According to Melanie Swan, the development of blockchain technology can be divided into three phases: 1.0 is the currency (such as bitcoin); 2.0 is the contract (such as Ethereum); 3.0 is beyond the financial economy, especially Application in government, culture, health and other fields.

Keynes said in Money Theory that the bookkeeping currency can carry debts, prices, and general equivalents. The bookkeeping currency is a description, and the currency is the thing corresponding to this description. The essence of the blockchain is a decentralized accounting system, and Bitcoin is the "digitally existing" currency carried on this system.

The competition-book-recognition incentive mechanism in the Bitcoin system has created a huge computing power to protect system security, and a relatively stable consensus, so that Bitcoin can be promoted without a strong centralized organization or organization. Spontaneously maintained and gradually grown, creating a huge "trusted" foundation. Whether it is a physical currency or a credit currency, credit is a more essential attribute of money.

Bitcoin has this kind of property. Although there are various "cottage coins" competition, it is undoubtedly difficult to challenge the position of Bitcoin. The “digital currency” that the People’s Bank of China is about to issue, Libra in Facebook’s preparations still relies on a centralized structure to maintain the value of “currency”. The technology used is also far from the blockchain technology. Digitizing.

As early as 1995, Nick Saab proposed the concept of smart contracts. A smart contract is a piece of code that involves assets and transactions, and it is self-executing. The emergence of blockchain technology can effectively prevent "piracy" and "tampering" and remove the need to trust third parties. After more than 10 years of development, smart contracts have developed a number of contract platforms such as Ethereum and EOS from the Bitcoin blockchain.

For the development of smart contracts, there needs to be enough digitization of assets based on blockchain internally, and the external needs a establishment and maturity of a collaborative system. At present, the smart contract platform has limited functions, the development of asset digitalization is weak, and the collaboration system has not been established. However, considering the huge potential of smart contracts in the Internet and the Internet of Things, smart contracts are still in the hot direction, but there is still a long way to go before they reach the mass.

As a protocol that can transfer value, blockchain can be applied to all areas related to value . Financial industry, insurance industry, data security, energy field, e-commerce… Blockchain is a paradigm revolution, like the impact of steam engines and electricity on human society. This is an ongoing revolution.

The value of the Internet, built with blockchain technology as its core, is bound to profoundly change the future social structure. As an individual in this revolution, there are countless reasons for worrying about the future, and there are countless reasons. However, in the face of uncertainty, I choose to believe and embrace, and the story of the blockchain will continue.

The future has come, but it is not yet popular.

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