Slow fog security team found a new type of public chain attack method "alien attack"

Recently, the slow fog security team found a new type of attack method for the public chain "alien attack" (also known as address pool pollution), which refers to an attack method that induces nodes of the same chain to invade and pollute each other. It is the same chain system that does not identify non-similar nodes in the communication protocol. This kind of attack is reproduced in some public links that are implemented with reference to the Ethereum communication protocol. The Ethereum chain is similar. Due to the use of a compatible handshake protocol, it is impossible to distinguish whether nodes belong to the same chain, causing address pools to pollute each other and node communication. The performance is degraded, which eventually causes the node to block and the main network to be abnormal. The relevant public chain needs to pay attention to continuously maintain the monitoring of the health status of the main network, so as to avoid the occurrence of attack events that affect the stability of the main network.