Data: BTC mining difficulty is raised to 13.69T, and the average calculation power for two weeks remains above 90 EH/s for three consecutive times.

According to data, at 5:42 this morning, Bitcoin adjusted the mining difficulty to 13.69 T at a block height of 600,768, an increase of 5.25% from October 10. It is predicted that the next difficulty will be increased by 4.98% to 14.37T, and there will be 13 days and 10 hours left in the adjustment. In addition, the two-week average power of Bitcoin has remained above 90 EH/s for three consecutive times. The average power of the past two weeks was 97.90 EH/s, which is much higher than the two-week average of October 10 (93.11 EH/ s). As of now, Bitcoin's total network computing power is 101.65EH/s.