Hong Kong International Institute of New Economics Fu Rao: Blockchain and industrial cannabis have the potential to "recognize each other"

According to Ta Kung Pao, on April 17, Fu Rao, a senior researcher at the Hong Kong International Institute for New Economics, published a commentary saying that blockchain technology and industrial cannabis industry seem to be irrelevant. There are actually many similarities: one They are in the early stage of controversy, respectively, to get rid of the negative stereotypes of “dark net” and “drugs”; second, the difficulty of supervision is very high, and there are pain points for bank accounts; third, industrial cannabis Planting sites and digital currency mining sites are often found in remote areas with sparsely populated areas. Based on the above three similarities, the blockchain company's layout of industrial cannabis, or industrial cannabis company layout blockchain is also a matter of course. He also pointed out that the two sensitive industries have the potential of “mutually correct”. The blockchain can reform the supply chain of industrial cannabis and help improve its supervision level. The promotion and application of industrial cannabis will provide a broad and suitable blockchain. Application scenario.