Forbes: Investors in the Telegram blockchain project agreed to postpone the launch of TON until April next year.

According to Forbes news, informed sources revealed to Forbes that most of the Telegram blockchain project TON investors decided not to return the funds invested in the project, and agreed that the start of TON will be postponed until April next year. Two sources close to the Telegram team said the decision was made by two rounds of TON investors winning with a majority vote. This means that investors agree to postpone the launch of TON until April 30 next year, and TON will not refund investors some of the funds invested in the previous period. A source close to Telegram founder Durov said that Telegram will officially announce the investor's decision on October 24. Earlier, the US SEC filed an "emergency action and a temporary restraining order" against two offshore entities of Telegram's TON ICO. Telegram has informed investors that it is expected that the release deadline for the TON blockchain project will be extended from October 30, 2020 to April 30, 2020. Investors need to sign a form to approve the extension by October 23. If most people choose not to sign, investors can get about 77% of the previous investment, and each round of funds reached 850 million. If the deadline is extended, Telegram plans to spend another $80 million by April 30.