A number of US lawmakers (Libra) were interviewed after the hearing: did not see any progress

According to CNBC, after the hearing of Libra's hearing by the US House of Representatives Financial Committee, both House members of the House of Representatives expressed dissatisfaction with the lengthy testimony. Members of the House Finance Committee said they did not see what progress Zuckerberg had attended. Patrick McHenry, a senior member of the committee and a Republican from North Carolina, said, "Frankly, I am not sure what new things we have gained here." Several other members of the committee agreed. Rep. Sylvia Garcia, a Democrat from Texas, questioned the separation of the two entities, Facebook and Libra. The committee's chairman, Maxine Waters, said she did not support the plan at all, did not understand what Libra wanted to achieve, and the project did not receive a "full explanation." Waters said: "I asked Libra to suspend work. Zuckerberg also promised that they would not start the program without regulatory approval. But I am not sure that this is the same thing."