China Construction has vigorously promoted the blockchain, focusing on the study of digital currency

A few days ago, Yu Guitian, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Shenzhen Zhongchuang Construction Group Co., Ltd., said in an interview: “China Construction is vigorously promoting the blockchain platform and focusing on digital currency. The relevant project leaders have received invitations from the central bank. As a consulting expert involved in the research of digital currency, especially focusing on the application of digital currency in the industry where the company is located.” Yu Guitian told reporters: “The reason why the company vigorously promotes the construction of blockchain and focuses on the study of digital currency is because It is hoped that through the technology of the blockchain, the company will be the core enterprise, and the upstream suppliers, downstream customers, and financial institutions will participate together. The parties will form a coalition chain and use the technology of the blockchain to ensure relevant business information. Transparency, which can more realistically promote supply chain finance, is also in response to the state's policy of using blockchain technology to regulate supply chain finance."