Hangzhou Shangcheng police took off a bitcoin fraud gang

According to the Hangzhou Daily News, on October 23, the police in Shangcheng District of Hangzhou City reported a bitcoin fraud case. At the beginning of April this year, Mr. Xu of Henan received a WeChat friend application. In the chat, the other party always mentions that he is engaged in bitcoin transactions, which is very profitable. After a while, Mr. Xu was somewhat tempted and was pulled into the WeChat group of Bitcoin. After entering the group, Mr. Xu saw a screenshot of someone making money from time to time, completely tempted. Based on the link provided by the other party, he downloaded a mobile app and started trading bitcoin. Under the guidance of “Customer Manager” and “Instructor”, more than 200,000 yuan was invested in the mobile APP within one month, all of which was lost. At present, the Shangcheng police have contacted more than 200 victims across the country to complete the evidence collection. More than 100 members of the criminal gang have been criminally compulsory in accordance with the law, and the case is being further processed.