Zheng Bingzhong, deputy head of Xianyou County: promoting digital industrialization through blockchain technology

According to Xinhua News, on October 22, the signing ceremony of "Xianyou·Xian Zuo" was selected as the "New Action of National Brand Engineering and Service Industry of Xinhua News Agency" in Beijing. Zheng Bingzhong, deputy magistrate of Xianyou County, said in an interview that it is necessary to promote digital industrialization, relying on the global service art exhibition and public service platform created by Jingdong, and promote the selection, design, production, circulation and after-sales service of Xianzu classical craft furniture. The whole process is traced to form a 3D full-true model. Through the blockchain technology, the certificate is permanently stored on the cloud platform, making Xianzuo a practical and artistic pass-through for consumers to buy, use, and pass on from generation to generation. .