Deputy Governor of the Bank of France: Encrypted assets bring opportunities and challenges to improve existing payment systems

According to CIDA news from WeChat public number@Digital Assets Institute, Denis Beau, deputy governor of the French Central Bank, discussed the new opportunities and challenges that crypto assets bring to payment systems in an article entitled "The Role of Encrypted Assets in Payment Systems". In the field of payment instruments, there is currently a reduction in the share of cash payments, while cashless payments are a dual trend driven by behavioral changes and technological innovations, and the development of cryptographic assets is an innovation driven by these fundamental trends affecting payment instruments and systems. one. Encrypted assets have unique financial, monetary, and technical characteristics that distinguish them from the currency and payment instruments issued by financial institutions and central banks, with specific benefits: blockchain technology and broader distributed ledger technology can help Meeting the needs and needs of the market; distributed ledger technology can help bridge the current limits of existing wholesale market infrastructure. At the same time, however, cryptographic assets that are undergoing technical and economic experimentation not only bring opportunities to improve existing payment systems, but also pose significant risks. Today's cryptographic assets do not satisfactorily provide the expected quality of the settlement assets to the extent that they can be exchanged with the commercial bank currency and the central bank currency, not to mention replacing the central bank currency as a value, or as a wholesale transaction. The privileged settlement asset, or the final recourse settlement asset as its legal currency status. Encrypted assets [front end] and [back end] payment arrangements are clearly exposed to risks of various natures, including money laundering and terrorist financing, legal and financial, operational and compliance risks for consumer and investor protection, if they are not To become a “weak link” in our payment system, we need to seriously address these risks, and we need to seriously address these risks so as not to damage the security of the entire payment chain. Earlier on October 17, the French central bank deputy governor Denis Beau had called for a global regulatory framework for cryptographic assets and hoped that the central bank would test its central bank digital currency (CBDC).